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COVID-19 Update

Stratford’s public gardens welcome visitors.  There are no admission fees.   Please do not gather in large groups, respect safe distancing, and wear masks when appropriate. 


Enjoy your visit!

Many thanks for your interest,

Stratford And District Horticultural Society


Photography and videography credits:
LittleBig Creative Stratford ON



Residents and visitors often think first of theatre, shopping and good food as major attractions, but throughout Stratford are beautiful gardens that provide another way to enjoy the city. Spend some time in our gardens to see how they are unexpected pleasures for both Stratford locals and visitors.


This website was designed in celebration of the Stratford and District Horticultural Society's 140th anniversary to make it easier to find and visit all public gardens in Stratford.  You will find historical information about some of the gardens and what you might look for when visiting, as well as information about other gardens in the city maintained by businesses and homeowners.

While visiting, be sure to take a moment to say hello to any city workers and volunteers you see maintaining our beautiful gardens and let them know you appreciate their work. They will appreciate your appreciation and you will have contributed to the beauty of Stratford gardens. Now, time to explore!

To explore Stratford and surrounding area at your own pace, or from home, check out Stratford’s audio walking tours.


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